The Holy Spirit’s Cleansing and Gifting Work in a Believer’s Life

The Holy Spirit is the third member of the Holy Trinity. He is fully God and He has always existed with God[1]. He is revealed in Scripture in various ways and called a multitude of names throughout the Old and New Testament. He was present in Creation. [2] During the exodus from Egypt[3], the time of the first kings, and most notably during the ministry of the prophets, the Holy Spirit is active. It is in the baptism of Jesus that we see Him descend as a dove[4]. On Pentecost, He came as fire.[5]

The Holy Spirit is the promised gift of our heavenly Father to those who are followers of Jesus, His Son.[6] He is God’s Spirit and invites people to join God in relationship.[7] He is the agent of making our heart’s new and perfect.[8] The indwelling Holy Spirit is proof of our adoption into God’s family.[9] He fills our life and baptizes us into the abundant life of Jesus Christ.[10] He is the Spirit of truth that guides mankind to all truth. He does not speak on His own authority, but only speaks what He hears from the Father. He prepares and declares to us the things that we don’t understand about our own future. He is our advocate[11], God on our behalf. [12] He convicts us of things that do not please God so that we might continue to live in a manner that does please God.[13] The Holy Spirit also gives gifts to every believer to equip them for work in the ever-advancing Kingdom of God.[14]

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3 thoughts on “The Holy Spirit’s Cleansing and Gifting Work in a Believer’s Life

  1. A few of quick thoughts:
    1. As you mention the Spirit as our advocate you may reference John 14 and Romans 8:26 as well.
    2. Does it matter that Paul warns us about quenching the Spirit? (1 Thess. 5:19)
    3. How does the Holy Spirit fit into the testimony of the Old Testament? Is he “new”? How does he fit in the concept of the Trinity?

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