What Will Your Legacy Be?

Have you ever thought about what your legacy will be? I think about it all the time. Especially when I look at my children and think about their future. I ask myself “What am I going to leave behind for them once I am gone?” For most of us it will be memories, for others it will be valuable life lessons, and for some it might even be wealth or possessions. The bottom line though is the same for us all – our legacy is determined by our investments. 

Last week we received the shocking news of the untimely death of Seacoast Student Minister, Jacob Hull. Jacob had been a teenager in my youth group in California and moved to Charleston to follow God’s call into vocational ministry. As the news of his accident began to spread, an overwhelming response of Facebook posts and pictures came pouring in along with letters, cards, emails, and text messages. WHY? Because although Jacob was only 22 years old, he left incredible proof of investment behind.

In fact, you can see it here: http://m.live5news.com/live5news/db/330614/content/goPHFIi6

Although Jacob is gone, he left behind a legacy that stretches from California to the Carolinas. He invested his TIME relationally in teenagers and young adults, used his TALENTS to serve others any way he could, and generously gave his TREASURE towards global missions and the ministry of Seacoast Church.

As we prepare for his funeral, (Friday, Jan 29th at 4pm at Seacoast Church: West Ashley Campus) and teenagers & adults alike continue to share their stories of how Jacob’s life has affected them, I want to challenge you to ask yourself a few questions :

Who am I helping grow their faith?

What skills or abilities could I use to serve others? 

Am I using my money to make a difference?